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Keasberry Academy was founded by Joey Keasberry in 2020. Prior to starting Keasberry Academy, he held several senior leadership positions with a Fortune-180 firm in the chemicals industry, serving customers in Oil & Gas, Shipping, Power and Infrastructure sectors. He spent most of his career in Amsterdam and seven years in Dubai, managing the Middle East region. But investing & travelling were always his passion, both of which he has enjoyed for more than two decades. At Keasberry Academy, we hope to inspire people to reduce their dependency on jobs. In the modern-day debt-ridden economies, businesses will continue to strive for automation to reduce the cost of labour. Your best move today is to start building financial freedom so that you don’t depend on anyone but yourself. And we help you to do just that.


  • Joey Keasberry
    Contrary to the popular narrative, I think copper may see lower prices before reversing. This looks like a bearish continuation pattern, which could target the green zone.
  • Joey Keasberry
    Platinum: watch for a higher low to be formed around or above line (b). This is a big falling wedge that predicts a strong upward move into 2023.
  • Joey Keasberry
    $BTC – Is Bitcoin forming a falling wedge? If so, that’s often a bullish sign, especially when forming at key support.
  • Joey Keasberry
    What happens if commodity pricing remains lower is that warehouse stocks will be replenished, mostly driven by China. We’ve seen this before. Once that happens, expect good rates for bulk carriers and improving sentiment in iron ore, copper, nickel, oil, etc.
  • Joey Keasberry
    Why I’ve been eating bitoque for a couple of weeks now.
  • Joey Keasberry
    $USOIL : it gets knocked down but it gets up again you’re never going to keep it down

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